Tutor Nanny wanted • Wonderful Experience • Twin Boys • Private VIP Family| Australia

Perth Shore Based Villa

24 Feb 2023


Shore Based Villa




3 - 5 years

6000 - 6000 EUR

Criminal Records Bureau Check (UK Only), Full Driving License (International)

Linh Bo l [email protected] l +33 766 032 740


About the Family

Engaged, Energetic, and Intellectual Canadian family seeks Roamschool Educator/Caregiver for a once in a lifetime two-year trip around the world with their 5- year old twin boys!

This family has embarked on worldwide adventure since December 2021 aboard a luxury residential cruise ship called The World. They are searching for a dynamic and capable educator/caregiver to engage their boys academically, emotionally, socially, and recreationally during this 12-18 month journey. 

Mom and dad are practical and down to earth people who value transparent communication, positive energy, flexibility, commitment initiative and seek a person who will foster a natural and loving bond with their twins and help them make the very most of this adventure. 

As a family who values experience over material goods, they desire to instil an appreciation of global culture through extensive travel in their young boys, while also preparing them to enter a traditional land-based elementary school experience at age 6.

The family is from Perth, Australia.

The project

The position will officially begin ASAP. After visio interviews, if you are shortlisted, a trial will be organized at the family's home, of course this trial will cover all expenses, including travel.

A genuine delight in preschoolers and their developing minds is an absolute must. Beyond that, the family seeks a natural, creative educator/caregiver who is flexible and easy-going, yet reliable and prepared; a self-starter, who can plan fun activities independently; a warm and kind disposition, but well-practiced at setting and maintaining firm boundaries; a comfortable, self-reliant traveler with common sense. 

The ability to research ports of call ahead of time and create thoughtful, efficient, and organized travel maps and itineraries around the best museums, parks, cultural activities, and events available at each destination is a huge plus. 

Someone with a creative streak and ideas for documenting this family adventure for and with the boys would be ideal. Because of the unique nature of this opportunity, the ideal candidate we are looking for will have to be comfortable with idea of being offshore, not being seasick will equally be really important. 

This position is both luxurious and demanding. The amenities on this fully residential cruise ship are unparalleled and largely available to the educator/caregiver and the ports of call and activities are exceptional in opportunity and scope; however, a life of continuous travel far from home can be stressful; a flexible service mindset and ability to be happy far from home is critical.

We are looking for an experienced Nanny Tutor (or even Teacher) for our child care facility. As a Tutor Nanny, your main responsibility will be to take care of the children diligently. You will be responsible to plan and conduct daily activities for the children. You should ensure that the planned activities meet the physical and developmental needs of children. 
You should be able to supervise the children perfectly well. Compassion and patience are a must for this role.

Objectives : 

  • To raise the boys to be safe, kind, resilient, curious, wise and well-mannered, in an environment where common sense prevails;
  • To teach the boys to value experience over material goods, and particularly to value travel experiences. We are keen to leverage the very unique opportunities our travel plans will afford us over the coming years;
  • To encourage reading, questioning, self-expression and independence in all facets of life, from play to meals to education;
  • To provide behavioral examples for the children to follow, while giving them enough space to discover and express themselves; and
  • To ensure school-readiness as the children will be entering grade school at the end of this contract.

Responsibilities :

  • To provide the required childcare services to the family as described with a very high standard of care and service delivery;
  • To put the absolute safety of the children first before all other responsibilities, and ensure that they are properly supervised when under the care of the educator/caregiver;
  • To tend to the children's basic needs such as dressing, personal hygiene, and meals;
  • To prepare meals for the children, or when appropriate, to supervise their meals in a restaurant setting;
  • To plan and lead activities with the children including educational activities, swimming, walks, playground outings, visiting local cultural attractions and reading to the children;
  • To research and plan activities which have substantial value in emotional and intellectual development, developing social relationship skills and educational value. While travelling, this will include some destination research and logistics planning to optimize the children’s travel experiences; 
  • To teach school-readiness skills through the delivery of a kindergarten curriculum that is focused on leveraging and cementing the travel experiences at hand. This need not be a formal curriculum, but should approximate core kindergarten experiences and ensure the boys meet age- appropriate milestones.
  • Research, collect and compile the appropriate teaching material for the children.
  • Plan and design extra-curricular, creative activities for children accordingly.
  • Maintain a safe and clean class environment.
  • Provide basic care facilities to the boys.
  • Monitor the children’s performances and make sure they are improving their learning capacity.
  • Encourage the twins to communicate with one another while meeting other children on board. 
  • Identify behavioral issues with the children and take action to resolve them.
  • Coordinate with the parents and update them about their child’s performance regularly. Answer their questions calmly.
  • Collaborate with other staff on board to make the environment and the learning process better for children.
  • Observe the children’s health conditions and report if they need immediate attention.
  • Ensure that the teaching methodologies comply with educational standards and regulations.
  • Maintaining reports for future reference.
  • Researching various teaching methods and materials.

Requirements and Desired profile

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in childhood education or related field
  • At least 2 years experience in education or related field
  • 2 professional and 1 personal reference
  • Valid passport and driver’s license
  • Documentation of complete COVID-19 vaccination and full coverage prior to departure
  • A desire to travel extensively over the next 1-2 years
  • The energy and physical fitness to keep up with 5-year old twin boys
  • Special interest in music, sports, or languages that can be shared with the boys is a plus
  • Collaborative, all-hands-on-deck spirit
  • Gentle yet firm approach
  • CPR certification would be an added advantage.
  • Strong organizational skills 
  • Strong time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills to speak to young children.
  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Familiar with child development processes and techniques.
  • Should be a patient individual.
  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Basic knowledge of first-aid is mandatory.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Ability to manage tasks as per the priorities.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Hard-working and reliable individual.

  • You must be very autonomous and able to work with Mum and Dad at the same time, able to involve yourself in the family activities and respect the family in the same time.
  • You are healthy and dynamic.
  • You are very positive and enthusiastic.
  • We are looking for someone who is passionate about teaching, taking care of children and travelling generally speaking.
  • You are comfortable working with VIPs.
  • You are a good educator, teacher, nanny and you make sure that the family has a good time with you.
  • You make sure that the lessons are always appropriate, especially depending on the age of each family member.
  • You are patient.
  • You are a smiling person, you like to work with private individuals and you are discrete. You have a strong sense of confidentiality. 
  • You make people feel comfortable learning and spending time with you, avoiding stress.
  • You are always on time and present well, you have a real sense of human relations and communication comes with an ease to you. 
  • You MUST speak English fluently. Any other language is a plus. 
  • You MUST have a driving licence.
  • You DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD, you are honest and trustworthy. 

Salary : 6000 euros net per month ( currency can be defined with the family if needed)

Generous benefits package: 

  • Including health insurance
  • use of a private studio apartment
  • generous food allowance
  • on-board gym membership (including personal training)
  • economy flights and time off each year for trips home/elsewhere
  • as well as an amazing travel experience in a loving family environment.

Package : The Educator Nanny will be provided a private studio apartment while working on the ship. In addition to the family living quarters, there is a well-stocked classroom available on the ship that can be used for messy art projects and other education-based activities. The ship also has a full range of recreational amenities and eating options available.

Hours/Schedule: The schedule is variable and sometimes unpredictable, but 50-60 hours a week is typical, depending on ports and parents’ work and social obligations. Hours include a mix of “full charge”, “shared charge”, and “passive charge” hours, meaning time where the boys are fully the educator/caregiver’s responsibility, time where the educator/caregiver accompanies a parent in caring for the boys (often on shore excursions), and time when the boys are sleeping and just need passive supervision.

Bi-weekly meetings to discuss the upcoming 2-week schedule are important. The flexibility to deal with last minute changes is essential as travel conditions change and new opportunities arise at a moment’s notice with this type of round the world travel. Please note there will also be two 6-week land periods in May ‘22 and August ‘23 when the boat is in service. The family will choose a land destination and continue explorations with the Nanny /educator on land during those periods.

If you wish to apply to this job offer, please make sure beforehand that you have registered on our website at www.marinescence.com and that you have created your profile. Please only CREATE YOUR PROFILE ONCE if not done previously.  No application will be considered if the process mentioned above has not been followed initially. You can also contact us at [email protected]