Couple Position • Handyman-Housekeeper-Cook • VIP Luxury Private Villa | Corsica

Saint-Florent, Corsica, France Shore Based Villa

04 Mar 2023

Saint-Florent, Corsica, France

Shore Based Villa

Couple Position Villa



2 - 5 years

1800 - 2100 EUR

Full Driving License (International), Driving License (National)

Schengen (or EU Resident)

Laura Mauzac l [email protected] l +33 782 232 913


About the Villa

The property is located in Corisca, more precisely on the Cap Corse part, about 50 kms away from Bastia.

It is a privately owned villa on the coast facing the sea. There is a direct private access to the beach from the villa. This property is a second home,  mostly used during the summer, more or less 3 months during the year. There are 2 Bastide style buildings on the property. The principal villa has 7 bedrooms & there is a secondary unit.

All the positions are LIVE IN

The project

We are looking for a Couple: Handyman-Housekeeper-Cook ready to join in the beginning of March 2023 or latest, beginning of May 2023.

Since this is a LIVE-IN position, you will have a dedicated area in the villa for your stay. There would be one private bedroom with a private bathroom, a private living and kitchen area for your privacy. You would have a dedicate entrance to this area.

There is already a couple living on the property, who have worked for the owners for a long time. But, the couple is now returning back to their home in Romania. Hence, the owners are looking for a couple who can commit to work for a long term, become a part of their family and wish to have stability in their lives. 

The couple currently at the property would be present till July 2023 and would help the new candidates integrate into their role, which is an advantage.

The owners visit the villa during the summer for around 3 months. During this period, they often go sailing on their boat for several days. They have 2 teenage daughters around 19 years old, and they occasionally have their friends over at the property during the said period of time of 3 months ish (from mid June / end of June till September).

At any point, there are a maximum of 12 guests on the property, except special occasions such as birthdays or parties. During this high summer season, there are additional Housekeepers hired to balance the workload of managing multiple guests.

As the Handyman, you would be in charge of:

Car maintenance: checking the fuel - cleaning the interior & exteriors - cross-checking the copy book - checking tyre pressure and safety

Exterior: Maintenance of the gardens and exterior areas - ensuring there are no leaves or mud on the terraces; checking the water pipes, etc.  You will have all the necessary tools to do so - electrical and manual tools. The gardens are quite large, approx. 4000 sq. m. 

Security: Ensuring the exits are secured; Checking for damages done by wild animals to the fences; Securing the direct access to beach for possible trespassing

Technical interior: Ensuring the paint-work is maintained, the doors, bulbs, plumbing minor-toilets/sinks, AC-heating & cooling are in good condition.

Assisting your partner in buying & stocking groceries, picking up guests from the airport, etc. 

Please Note: There are external subcontractors coming every week to professionally tend the garden. The big repairs on the property are under warranty, so they do not need to be interfered with.

As the Housekeeper-Cook, you would be in charge of:

Cooking: You will in charge of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. You will cook familial style traditional French cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.


  • You will be in-charge of vacuuming/cleaning floors, carpets, surfaces, etc.
  • You will be in-charge of making the beds, changing linens, setting up the bedrooms and bathrooms, etc
  • You will be in-charge of cleaning/sanitizing bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, and countertops
  • You will be in-charge of replenishes toiletries, towels, supplies, etc
  • Ensuring the main areas as corridors, living rooms are always dusted, tidy and well organized in accordance to the owner's habits. 
  • in charge of contacting (liaising with) the dry cleaners for all the owner's clothes which need specific treatment and ask them to come and collect them.

Laundry: Cleaning the bedsheets, towels, other household linens and clothes of the owners. Noble/Designer materials and clothes can go to the dry cleaners. 

Service: Cleaning and setting up the dinner table, serving the food and beverages, chauffeuring the owners/guests when needed

Desired Profile

  • You are fluent in French. Other languages appreciated. 
  • You have experience and knowledge of traditional French family-style cuisine and basic Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Recognised catering qualification or extensive cooking experience working in a private household.
  • You have experience in Housekeeping and Service.
  • You have decent knowledge of Handyman related tasks - basic property maintenance, security, plumbing, electrical, etc.
  • Experience of managing a large Villa including maintenance
  • You are able to work within France (a national or EU visa holder)
  • You are hard working, highly organised & takes pride in your work
  • You have a strong sense of service and you are passionate about your job
  • You are extremely dynamic and you work well with your partner
  • You have good communication skills and human relationships come with an ease
  • Good self-motivation, highly flexible and pro-active
  • Team player with a great sense of fun
  • A Full Driving License is essential
  • Ability to plan, organize and deliver a service to a high standard

Salary Package:

EUR 1800 to EUR 2100 net/month per person, depending on the profile

French Contract - CDI

Please Note: Your food expense is paid for all year round by the clients, which is a bonus. In addition, water and electric bills are also taken care of by the clients. You also have a dedicated car at your disposal all year round. 
All in all, this is a very appealing package and ideal for candidates looking for stability in their career.

In order to apply, please make sure that you have a EU Passport. If not, please make sure that you have a VALID VISA AND A WORKING PERMIT allowing you to work in France/Europe. 
If you wish to apply to this job offer, please make sure beforehand that : 

  • you have registered on our website at 
  • and that you have created your profile (if your already have a profile, there is NO NEED TO CREATE A NEW ONE)
  • While creating/ completing your profile : you will need to complete the Education, Experience and Reference field. A lot of questions are dedicated to crew members, please be aware you do not need to complete them. 
  • Please make sure you upload a detailed and updated CV in a PDF format. 
  • For Cooks : Chefs / Head Chefs : pictures of your work are very welcome.
  • Feel free to email us once you have created / completed your profile at [email protected]

No application will be considered if the process mentioned above has not been followed initially. No private messages on WhatsApp - No private messages on Facebook or LinkedIn please.Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to hear back from you shortly.