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Golfe Juan - Vallauris Shore Based Villa

21 Jul 2022

Golfe Juan - Vallauris

Shore Based Villa




2 - 5 years

2000 - 2000 EUR

Criminal Records Bureau Check (UK Only), Full Driving License (International)

Linh Bo l l +33 766 032 740

About the Villa

Is is an absolutely beautiful Villa located on top of the hills of Vallauris, in the " Super Cannes". 

The Villa is a beautiful mix between modernity and the charms of Provence, with a 5 hectare garden surrounding it and a fantastic sea view. There is a large swimming pool waiting for the guests at the entrance of the Villa, and beautiful restful areas all around it. 

There are several Olive trees, Cedar Cypress, Eucalyptus trees, Bushes, large choice of plants, a vegetable garden. A part of the garden is in a structure of restanques. The garden are quiet large as they are about 2 KM longs, in a hill. There is a beautiful health path going through the garden, used by the staff or by the guests for a run or for a little walk. 

There is a professional company of gardener that come twice a week to maintain the Villa too.

The Villa is only rented by guests during the season, each rental is at least for one month or 2 weeks at least. The owner can come over but it is quite rare, not more than a week per year. The Villa is generally fully booked during the summer season ( April - September). 

In regards to the staff, there is one Villa Manager, 2 Governesses, 1 Chef and 1 Gardener Handy Man. They work in the Villa on an annual basis. The team is used to work together and is ready to welcome the new staff members. During the summer season, there is additional staff such as Housekeepers.

The Villa has a dedicated area for the staff wherein they can have their lunch breaks, their breaks, have a shower and have a rest when required. 

All the position are LIVE OUT

The project

We are looking for 1 Gardener - Handyman ready to start working as soon as possible under a permanent contract. 

You will report with him to the Villa Manager. 

Basically, you will be in charge of maintaining the gardens, and all the exteriors. You will have all the necessary tools to do so, electrical and manual tools. The gardens are quite large, 4 - 5 hectares ish. 

You will also need to take care of the small plumbing issues, electricity issues, paint. 

You will also be in charge of collecting all the guests from the airport and driving them here and there when needed during the summer season. 

Desired profile 

  • You must be very autonomous and able to report and respect your hierarchy in the same time. 
  • You must be a confirmed and experienced gardener. 
  • We are looking for someone who is passionate about service and likes to work in private villas. Previous experience as a handyman or as a gardener is welcome. 
  • Previous experience in private Villas in requested. 
  • You are very comfortable in gardening. 
  • You are comfortable in handiwork, and in do-it yourself.
  • You are multi task and flexible, able to follow the processes that are already implemented and able to be reactive when facing something unusual. If someone in the team needs help, you need to be hands on. The team is very close, and everybody, even the Villa Manager work hands in hands. 
  • You are a smiling person, you like to work in a team and you are discrete. You have a positive attitude. 
  • You are always on time and present well, you have a real sense of human relations and communication comes with an ease to you. 
  • You MUST speak french and have at least a good level in english
  • You MUST have a driving licence as the you will driving the guests. The Villa will lown you a vehicle in order to do so. 
  • You MUST have a car and a driving licence as THERE ARE NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTS DESERVING THE VILLA. The Villa is on top of a hill and it would take too long to access it from the city center of Vallauris nor Cannes. 

Salary : 2000 euros net / month. 

French contract.