Laundress/ Housekeeper • Private Luxury Villa | Antibes

Antibes Shore Based Villa

22 May 2022


Shore Based Villa



3 - 5 years

2000 - 2000 EUR

Full Driving License (International), Driving License (National)

Linh Bo l l +33 766 032 740


About the Villa

This is an amazing villa based in Antibes. 

The owners live in the Villa all along the year. 

The project

We are looking for a Laundress/ Housekeeper ready to start working as soon as possible under a CDD contract of 6 months, more precisely from May - September 2022. 

There is a strong possibility for this contract to become a permanent position after the period of 6 months. 

This could be a LIVE IN position for the Laundress / Housekeeper. 

The duties of the Laundress/ Housekeeper will be as follows:

  • You will be the one who is in charge of all the duties in regards to the Laundry of the entire Villa
  • You will be in charge of washing the clothes and cleaning them, removing possible stains, checking that they are in a perfect state before folding them in wardrobes or putting them on hangers in the dressings. 
  • You will also be in charge of ironing all the linen and the clothes.  You will be in charge of cleaning the wardrobes and the dressings and of course, you will be in charge of organizing the dressings.  
  • You will be in charge of putting the clothes and the linen in the proper wardrobes and dressings.  
  • You also need to clean the handbags and the shoes before putting them back in the wardrobes. 
  • In order to do so, you will have all the necessary materials, products and equipment.   
  • Beside that, you will need to clean and take care of the laundry room in order to maintain it always clean and tidy.
  • You will also be in charge of the housekeeping but the laundry part of the job will be predominant for this Villa. 

Desired Profile

  • You must be expert in cleaning techniques on delicate fabrics.
  • You must be expert in ironing on delicate fabrics.
  • You must be very autonomous and able to report and respect your hierarchy in the same time. 
  • You must have a great eye for detail. 
  • We are looking for someone who is passionate about service and likes to work in private villas. Previous 3 years of experience as a housekeeper or as a laundress is MANDATORY. 
  • You are very comfortable in laundry. We are looking for someone who can make the difference between wool and cashmere. You will be dealing with high end clothes. 
  • You are multi task and flexible, able to follow the processes that are already implemented and able to be reactive when facing something unusual. If someone in the team needs help, you need to be hands on. The team is very close, and everybody, even the Villa Manager work hands in hands. 
  • You are a smiling person, you like to work in a team and you are discrete. You have a positive attitude. 
  • You are always on time and present well, you have a real sense of human relations and communication comes with an ease to you. 
  • You MUST speak French and English.
  • Ability to work within France (a national or visa holder)

Salary: 2000 euros/ month.

If you wish to apply to this job offer, please make sure beforehand that you have registered on our website at and that you have created your profile. We will need to have some pictures of your work. No application will be considered if the process mentioned above has not been followed initially.