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Golfe Juan - Vallauris Shore Based Villa

11 Jan 2022

Golfe Juan - Vallauris

Shore Based Villa




2 - 5 years

Laura Mauzac l

Dedicated, Skilled and Meticulous Housekeeper with Exceptionally High Standards

About the Villa

Is is an absolutely beautiful Villa located on top of the hills of Vallauris, in the " Super Cannes". 

The Villa is a beautiful mix between modernity and the charms of Provence, with a 5 hectare garden surrounding it and a fantastic sea view. There is a large swimming pool waiting for the guests at the entrance of the Villa, and beautiful restful areas all around it. You can also go for a run on their 1.5 KM health path within the property. 

The Villa counts 9 bedrooms which are actually divided as such : 7 bedrooms in the main Villa and 2 bedrooms in the secondary villa, usually named the " Master Guest Villa". Both Villas are in the same property and stand next to one another. 

The Villa has a cinema, a spa and a fitness room. 

The Villa is generally only rented by VIP guests during the summer season starting from March till end of September - mid October, rentals are for one month or 2 weeks at least. The owner can come over but it is quite rare, not more than a week per year. 

In regards to the staff, there is one Villa Manager, 2 Governesses, 1 Chef and 1 Handy Man. They work in the Villa on an annual basis. The team is used to work together and is ready to welcome the new staff members for the season. This is a very busy Villa in terms of rentals and this very well known Villa has very HIgh standards. This is a unique opportunity. 

The Villa has a dedicated area for the staff wherein they can have their lunch breaks, their breaks, have a shower and have a rest when required. 

All the position are LIVE OUT

The project

We are looking for 2 Housekeepers - Governesses ready to start working as of mid February 2022 beginning March , 2022 until the end of September 2022 - beginning or mid October 2022, depending on your availibility. The contract could start earlier if you are available.

You will have the same duties as the General Head Housekeeper and as the other governesses/housekeepers that are currently in the Villa and you will report to the General Governess and to the Villa Manager. 

Basically, you will in charge of doing the housekeeping, service and laundry:

  • Housekeeping :  very hands-on with housekeeping across all areas of the property, besides cleaning, changing beds, dusting etc.,  A skilled eye and attention to detail as well as experience with luxury materials is requisite.
  • Cleaning and tidying bedrooms as well restocking toiletries
  • Liaising with other team members
  • In regards to service and depending on your schedule, you will be serving either breakfast and lunch or dinners. 
  • Depending on your schedule, you will also be doing some laundry. 

There are 3 different shifts and all the staff follows them and turn as the shifts rotates. 

You are off every 3 days, and every time you go back to work you experience a shift similar as follows : 

  • starting in the morning and finishing in the early afternoon, 
  • second day you start working in the late morning and you finsih working at the end of the day 
  • and the last day, you start working in the late afternoon and you finish in the evening.

This is an example of the way the shifts works. Of course, flexibility is required as you are working in an industry of service and flexibility remains the keystone.

You will be working within a very nice, welcoming and professional team. Attitude, positivity and skills are the kind of assets you would want to have to be part of the team.

Desired profile 

  • You must be very autonomous and able to report and respect your hierarchy in the same time. 
  • You are a dedicated, skilled and meticulous former stewardess/ housekeeper 
  • We are looking for someone who is passionate about service and likes to work in private villas. Previous experience as a housekeeper or as a governess is MANDATORY. 
  • You are comfortable in housekeeping, service and laundry
  •  A skilled eye and attention to detail as well as experience with luxury materials is requisite.
  • You are multi task and flexible, able to follow the processes that are already implemented and able to be reactive when facing something unusual. If someone in the team needs help, you need to be hands on. The team is very close, and everybody, even the Villa Manager work hands in hands. 
  • Hardworking with a ‘can-do’ positive attitude 
  • You are a smiling person, you like to work in a team and you are discrete. You have a positive attitude. 
  • You are always on time and present well, you have a real sense of human relations and communication comes with an ease to you. 
  • You MUST speak french and have at least a good level in english
  • You MUST have a car and a driving licence as THERE ARE NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTS DESERVING THE VILLA. The Villa is on top of a hill and it would take too long to access it from the city center of Vallauris nor Cannes. 

Salary : 2000 - 2300 euros net / month. + very good additional bonuses ( as the Villa is rented...)

Negotiable depending on profile

French contract. 

Working rhythm : 3 days worked - 1 day off - 3 days worked...

3 different shifts ( everybody does one different shift every week, so you will do all of them) 


If you are interested in our Internship job offer, please go on our website at and register online with us by creating your profile. You do not need to answer all the questions dedicated to crew members but only the ones which are general questions and related to Villa candidates. Please only focus on uploading a detailed and updated CV, and on completing the Education, Experience and References field. You can contact us on the following number +33 782 232 913 or at

Si vous êtes intéressé(e) par cette offre d'emploi, veuillez-vous rendre sur notre site et vous enregistrez en créant votre profil, si ce n'est pas déjà le cas. Vous n'avez pas à répondre à toutes les questions, notamment celles qui sont relatives au personnel naviguant, concentrz vous sur les questions générales et celles relatives aux candidats Villas de manière générale. Veuillez compléter les rubriques Education, Expérience et Références (si vous en avez) et joindre votre CV en format PDF.  Vous pouvez nous contacter au +33 782 232 913 ou
Toutes les candidatures enregistrées via un profil marinescence seront prises en compte. 

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