Property Director Assistant • Private Luxury Villa | South of France

Cannes Service Sector

27 Dec 2021


Service Sector

Property Director Assistant

Full Time


5 - 7 years

Criminal Records Bureau Check (UK Only), Full Driving License (International)

Laura Mauzac l



Description About the prestigious Villa

Prestigious Villa, located between Cannes and Antibes.

The project
We are looking for 1 Property Director / Villa Manager Assistant for a position to be filled in the January / February of the year 2022.

This will be a permament position.

You will be working under the supervision of the Property Director and you will assist her in dealing with all her duties. You will help her to supervise the Head Housekeeper, the Chef, The Technical Manager, and all the Head of departments in the Villa. You will be managing various teams of staff already working in the Villa, and in the same time, you will ensure that you stay in the same managerial line and startegy of the Property Director, always respecting your hierarchy and people working under your orders. In accordance to her instructions, you will make sure that the villa is running well and following the processes already implemented. 

The working day varies with a wide range of hours to be observed during the summer period. 

Work weekends and holidays. Flexibility in this sense is therefore requested.

The summer period is busier than the winter period.
You recover your overtime in time off, mainly during the winter period. The employer has a machine which counts all your over hours and makes sure that you recover them. 

Weekends off during the winter season but flexibility in this sense is still required. 

Your missions

Having an excellent presentation, you ensure the well-being of the owners and guests: welcoming and installation in their bedrooms or appartments, welcoming them while having their meals and making sure that the kitchen and that the people in charge of the service are well organized and ready to deliver a high end service. 

Your sense of welcoming and personalised service sets you apart from other candidates.

You make a great importance to respect the Housekeeping standards and safety procedures and rules.

You be working in a team with The Property Director and the people in charge of the family office, as well as the people who are Head of each Department.

You will also train the Housekeeper, who have newly joined the team and make sure that they follow the process that were implemented. 

Ability to understand private, luxury villas is therefore requested and capacity to answer and react to VIP demands at the very high level. 

Great availability and reactivity, discretion and confidentiality.

Calm and efficient under operational pressure.

The Property Director works on a very operational level and will expect you to do so equally. 
Desired Profile

  • You speak French and English fluently, if you are not bilingual, you express yourself clearly. 
  • You will absolutely need to be able to speak both of the languages mentioned above. Candidates who would not speak French and English would not be considered for this role.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, Excellent sense of Human relationships
  • Excellent sens of transversal management
  • Excellent Organisational and Administrative skills
  • Excellent oral and written experession
  • Excellent presentation
  • Very large sense of flexilibility and availibility
  • Extensive Knowledge in Hospitality Management
  • You have at least 5 years of successful experience in a Food & Beverage Director position in a high standing hotel, Hotel Director, or in a top Management position in a Hotel or you have had a significative managing role in a private villa or in a rented VIP villa. You are extremely familiar to Luxury environment and hospitality has no secret for you.
  • Only candidates with Hospitality experience ( ideally Luxury Hospitality Management) or experience in Villas will be considered
  • References required.

Salary:  negotiable depending on profile and experience

You are fully vaccinated and you can show proof of evidence of you vacination.

You must have your own car to go to your workplace and to access the Villa. 

Permanent contract (CDI)- Variable hours / Flexibility required.

Live out position.

Other advantages: mutual private health insurance fully covered by the Villa and meals fully covered by the employer. Meals are cooked by the Chef.
If you are interested in this vacancy, please go to our website and register, if you haven't already done it. All applications registered via a marinescence profile will be taken into account. No applications will be considered unless you have registered on our website. Please focus on answering all the questions, excluding the ones dedicated to crew members. You will need to focus on completing the Education field, Experience field and reference field on your profile, as well as attaching a well detailed CV in a PDF format, copy of your criminal record and reference letters.

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