VIP Female Fitness Instructor • Personal Trainer • French Speaking • Private Family • Dubai | UAE

Dubai - United Arab Emirates Shore Based Villa

30 Jan 2023

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Shore Based Villa

Fitness Instructor



3 - 5 years

4000 - 5000 EUR

31 Jan 2023

Criminal Records Bureau Check (UK Only), Full Driving License (International)

Laura Mauzac l



About the Villa

It is a family of 5 members, parents and 3 children living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The family is used to have staff working on their boat or in their home. 

The project

We are looking for 1 Qualified Fitness Instructor - Personal Trainer ready to start working as soon as possible, ideally someone who has already been working for VIP or private employers in the past. 

You are used to work on private demands and adapt your training courses to specific and individual demands.

You must speak french fluently, you are ideally a french native and you equally speak at least a conversational english to make sure the family and yourself can understand each other.

We are looking for someone who is used to work under very high standard and responds to high demand. 

This is a permanent contract. 

You will report directly to the Family and you will define your lessons based on the parents needs and goals in terms of fitness. 

Duties and Responsabilities :

  • create one-on-one fitness programmes for your clients, in this case, the two parents, motivating and guiding them to achieve their fitness goals. Clients may wish to lose weight or gain muscle, and as a personal trainer you'll teach and help them to exercise properly using workouts and specific plans.
  • Demonstrate the correct way to use exercise equipment.
  • Monitor the use of equipment and training
  • Develop personal exercise and diet plans
  •  You'll instruct and advise clients, using a range of fitness machines, classes or weights.
  • able to provide clients with tailored health and exercise advice.
  • conducting fitness assessments to establish client fitness and skill level
  • holding one-on-one or group sessions with clients
  • identifying goals and creating tailored exercise plans
  • monitoring your clients' progress
  • providing advice to clients on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • educating and advising clients to maintain or reach their fitness and health goals
  • keeping up to date with the latest personal training techniques and best practise
  • helping clients with their workouts
  • creating and maintaining positive, professional and trusting relationships with clients
  • providing innovative and challenging exercises to keep clients engaged and motivated
  • proactively seeking and providing feedback in a manner which suits each individual ( Mr or Madam)
  • accurately recording your clients' training sessions and tracking relevant paperwork
  • communicating with clients in a professional and courteous manner
  • acting as a positive role model for all clients
  • making the best of the environment in which clients are exercising ( in their private gym at home or outdoor for instance)

Desired profile 

  • You must be very autonomous and able to report and respect your hierarchy in the same time.
  • You are professionally trained and qualified as a gym of fitness instructor allowing you to be come a Professional Personal Trainer 
  • You are very sporty, healthy and dynamic.
  • You are very positive and enthousiastic.
  • You are well organized.
  • We are looking for someone who is passionate about sport generally speaking, fitness, personal training and likes to work for private employers. Previous experience as a Personal Trainer - Fitness  Instructor is MANDATORY. 
  • You are very qualified and you know what you are talking about, you take care of security matters while training people in order to avoid them getting hurt.
  • You are comfortable working with VIPs.
  • You are a good educator, teacher and you make sure that the family has a good time learning while training with you.
  • You make sure that the lessons are always safe and secure.
  • You are patient.
  • You are a smiling person, you like to work with private individuals and you are discrete. You have a strong sense of confidentiality. 
  • You are autonomous but you know to work in a team. 
  • You are always on time and present well, you have a real sense of human relations and communication comes with an ease to you. 
  • You MUST speak French fluently. English is a plus. 
  • You MUST have a car and a driving licence as you will need to come to meet the clients at their home to train them.
  • You DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD, you are honest and trustworthy. 

Salary : To be defined depending on profiles. ( Salary could be paid UAD which would be the equivalent of the amount in euros mentioned above).

Package : The family will provide you with the sharing accommodation with another female teacher, they will also take care of flying you in Dubai if you are not there yet, they will cover your travel expenses and they will take care of your working visa too.


If you wish to apply to this job offer, please make sure beforehand that : 

  • you have registered on our website at 
  • and that you have created your profile (if your already have a profile, there is NO NEED TO CREATE A NEW ONE)
  • While creating/ completing your profile : you will need to complete the Education, Experience and Reference field. A lot of questions are dedicated to crew members, please be aware you do not need to complete them. 
  • Please make sure you upload a detailed and updated CV in a PDF format. 
  • For Cooks : Chefs / Head Chefs : pictures of your work are very welcome.
  • Feel free to email us once you have created / completed your profile at

No application will be considered if the process mentioned above has not been followed initially. No private messages on WhatsApp - No private messages on Facebook or LinkedIn please.Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to hear back from you shortly.