Captain/Couple Position • Catamaran • Worldwide | 24m SY

Le Marin Charter Sailing Yacht

06 Jan 2022

Le Marin

Charter Sailing Yacht

Couple Position



3 - 8 years

STCW 95 (STCW 2010), ENG 1 (Medical - NO Limitation/Restrictions)

Certificat d’Enseignement Médical Niveau lll Vl/4, Brevet Capitaine 200 Voile ll/2 §2 et 7

Quentin Robert l

About the yacht 

It is a beautiful fast and lightweight catamaran of 24 meters, built in epoxy fiberglass with a carbon structure.  The boat is currently in the Martinique. 

It is designed to offer a very fast navigation while ensuring maximum comfort on board. 

It is easy to maneuver with electric winches, twin bars and an unobstructed view of the deck and sails from the maneuver stations.

The boat was refitted in 2019, during 10 months. The Sailing Yacht has 2 motors of 110 HP.

The project

The owner is looking for a Captain and a Stewardess/Deck ready to start as soon as possible. 

The boat stays in permanence in the Caribbeans. They intend to cruise around the Caribbeans, Bahamas, French Polynesia . 

The owners are only 2 guests on board most of the times.

Desired profile 

They are looking for a Captain and a Deck/Stewardess, that MUST have previous experience on Sailing Yacht and on Catamaran. 

A knowledgeable and stable Captain is the key word for this position. 

Master 200/capitaine 200 certificate is needed. 


This position is open also for a Solo captain but he will need to be able to find a co-worker for the project.

Salary : around 8000 euros for the couple