Steward(ess) • Private • Mandelieu | 30m MY

Mandelieu La Napoule Private Motor Yacht

13 May 2021

Mandelieu La Napoule

Private Motor Yacht




1 - 2 years


STCW 95 (STCW 2010), ENG 1 (Medical - NO Limitation/Restrictions)

French Maritime Academy (ENSM, Deck and Engineering Qualifications)

Certificat de Formation de Base à la Sécurité (CFBS) Vl/1


Quentin Robert l

About the yacht

30m private motor yacht based in Cannes Mandelieu, Malta flag, 5 crew on board.

The project

Looking for a steward(ess) as soon as possible until end of September. 

From April to July, the boat will mainly do day and week-end trips  then it will cruise for a 2 months intensive cruise around Italy and Corsica mainly at the anchor.

When the owner is on board, the boat stays at the anchor 90% of the time.

Desired profile

  • French or English speaking 
  • You will be in charge all the interio and some main steward(ess) duties such as service, housekeeping and laundry. 
  • You will be helped in the interior with the cook/stewardess.
  • CFBS/ STCW is needed.
  • Autonomous, flexible, team spirit, positive attitude.

Salary: negotiable.

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